Department of Energy Funding Opportunity Announcement for the Energy Frontiers Research Centers

Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs)

The Energy Frontiers Research Centers Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) has now been posted. Further information is available at: . Please note that page 1 of the FOA states, “Questions regarding the content of the FOA must be submitted through the FedConnect portal. You must register with FedConnect to respond as an interested party to submit questions, and to view responses to questions. It is recommended that you register as soon after release of the FOA as possible to have the benefit of all responses. More information is available on the FedConnect website ( ).”

The Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES), is seeking new and renewal applications for Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs) to conduct fundamental research focused on one or more "grand challenges" and use-inspired "basic research needs" identified in major strategic planning efforts by BES and the scientific community. The mission of the BES program is to support fundamental research to understand, predict, and ultimately control matter and energy at the electronic, atomic, and molecular levels in order to provide the foundations for new energy technologies and to support DOE's mission emphases in energy, the environment, and national security. EFRCs are intended to bring together the skills and talents of multiple investigators to enable fundamental research to enhance U.S. energy security and to meet the global need for abundant, clean, and economical energy.