About - NECC Watershed Project

The North East Cyberinfrastructure Consortium (NECC) Watershed Project
Water research and outreach programs joined forces to create a regional program called the Watershed Project. The Project is a collaborative effort to train high school and undergraduate students in water quality research in Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware and Maine.

Who participates in the Watershed Project?
Participants come from the five NECC states (Vermont, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island) as well as New York, Connecticut, and Puerto Rico.
* Undergraduates
* High school students
* High school teachers
* Graduate student researchers (as mentors)
* Faculty researchers (as mentors)

What do participants do?
* Learn how to conduct hands-on research on streams at a one-week training session.
* Collect water quality, macroinvertebrate, and land use data.
* Work with real data and researchers
* Present their own research at an annual symposium.

What are the goals of the Watershed Project?
* Engage and train the next generation of scientists.
* Gather water quality data on streams in the Northeast.

Who runs the Watershed Project?

EPSCoR programs in five states:
* Vermont
* Delaware
* Maine
* New Hamshire
* Rhode Island

The NECC Watershed Project website is located at http://neccwatershedproject.org