Effects of Changes in Arctic Lake and River Ice

TitleEffects of Changes in Arctic Lake and River Ice
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsProwse, T, Alfredsen, K, Beltaos, S, Bonsal, BR, Bowden, WB, Duguay, CR, Korhola, A, McNamara, J, Vincent, WF, Vuglinsky, V, Walter Anthony, KM, Weyhenmeyer, GA
Pagination63 - 74
Date Published2011/12

Climatic changes to freshwater ice in the Arctic
are projected to produce a variety of effects on hydrologic,
ecological, and socio-economic systems. Key hydrologic
impacts include changes to low flows, lake evaporation
regimes and water levels, and river-ice break-up severity
and timing. The latter are of particular concern because of
their effect on river geomorphology, vegetation, sediment
and nutrient fluxes, and sustainment of riparian aquatic
habitats. Changes in ice phenology will affect a wide range
of related biological aspects of seasonality. Some changes
are likely to be gradual, but others could be more abrupt as
systems cross critical ecological thresholds. Transportation
and hydroelectric production are two of the socio-economic sectors most vulnerable to change in freshwater-ice
regimes. Ice roads will require expensive on-land
replacements while hydroelectric operations will both
benefit and be challenged. The ability to undertake some
traditional harvesting methods will also be affected.

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