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First Name Last Name Title Location
Carol Adair BREE Ecological Systems Co-Leader - Assistant Professor of Climate Change and Adaptation University of Vermont
Kevin Andrew GRA University of Vermont
Tania Bacchus Professor Environmental & Health Sciences Johnson State College
Brian Beckage BREE Climate Team Co-Leader - Professor of Plant Biology University of Vermont
Colin Beier Research Ecologist, Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management, Adirondack Ecological Center & Huntington Wildlife State University of NY
Alan Betts Climate Scientist Atmospheric Research
Saul Blocher Research Technician University of Vermont
Arne Bomblies Senior Associate Project Director, VT EPSCoR University of Vermont
Nicholas Bond Data Analyst University of Vermont
Breck Bowden Director, Vermont Water Resources and Lake Studies Center University of Vermont
David Brandt Outreach Team Member St. Michael's College
Charlie Brooks Program Specialist University of Vermont
Wilton Burns GRA University of Vermont
Laura Caicedo-Quiroga Outreach Team Member St. Michael's College
Richard Clark Director of the Polling Institute, Associate Professor, Political Science Program Coordinator Castleton State College