Ph.D. Research Opportunity in Watershed Science: Regional Watershed Optical Sensor Network

We seek an enthusiastic, team-oriented and self-motivated student for an exciting new
Ph.D. opening at the University of Vermont in watershed science, with a focus on the
application of optical sensor technologies to understand regional and local watershed
biogeochemistry. This is a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) position within the Natural
Resources Ph.D. program of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
(RSENR). Information on the Ph.D. program can be found at:
( The successful applicant’s dissertation
research will utilize an in-situ optical sensor water quality network that is being developed
by the states of Vermont, Rhode Island and Delaware with collaborative Track-2 funding
from NSF EPSCoR. Additional information on the Track-2 research may be found at: and

The ideal candidate will have significant experience monitoring watershed biogeochemistry
using in-situ optical water quality sensors (UV and/or fluorescence-based sensors) coupled
with an interest in both local and regional water quality issues. Strong database
management skills are desirable. With the resources provided by this Vermont EPSCoR
funded position, ample opportunity exists for a self-motivated student to tailor their
dissertation to study a suite of biogeochemical process across multiple temporal and spatial
scales in the context of environmental disturbance and change. The student will be coadvised by Dr. Andrew Schroth (UVM Geology, and Dr. Breck Bowden
(RSENR,, both of whom may be contacted for additional

The individual selected will be expected to interact substantially across the projects. Start
date January 1, 2014, or as soon as possible thereafter. Applications will be reviewed

Qualified applicants must meet the requirement for admission to the University of Vermont’s
Natural Resources Ph.D. program and be accepted by VT EPSCoR to receive funding.
Formal applications to the Natural Resources Ph.D. program must be submitted via the
Graduate College web portal at:

To apply for VT EPSCoR funding: please send CV, names and contact information for
three references, and a cover letter outlining research interests, expertise and availability to:
EPSCoR Office, 528 Cook Physical Science Building, University of Vermont,
Burlington, VT 05405.

Cook Physical Science Building. 82 University Place. University of Vermont. Burlington, VT 05405
(802) 656-7931 FAX: (802) 656-2950
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