NSF EPSCoR Outreach Procedure

Dear Colleagues:
Outreach is an essential component of NSF EPSCoR’s investment strategies which seeks to strengthen the academic research competitiveness of EPSCoR institutions by informing the EPSCoR community of NSF strategic priorities, policies, and funding opportunities. Outreach also acquaints NSF staff of the science, engineering and education accomplishments resulting from EPSCoR funded projects.
In FY17, the NSF EPSCoR Outreach Coordinator is Elizabeth (Liz) Lawrence. The below link provides the NSF EPSCoR Outreach procedure with the contacted information for Liz Lawrence. Please submit requests, consistent with the procedures, to Liz with a copy to your cognizant Program Officer. Also, please disseminate widely across your jurisdictions (including posting on your jurisdictional EPSCoR websites as appropriate) to assist awareness of the procedures on how to request outreach visits.
Denise Barnes
Section Head, NSF EPSCoR