Researchers Present at American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference

Drs. Andrew Schroth and Asim Zia attended the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Chapman Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico from January 22 through January 27, 2017. There they presented findings from the BREE, RACC, and NEWRnet research programs.

Dr. Schroth gave a presentation titled "Provenance Drives Chemical and Physical Partitioning of Iron During High Flow Events from Catchments to Receiving Waters: Insight from Alaska and Vermont." Dr. Zia presented "Combined Temperature and Precipitation Variability May Increase the Frequency of Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Champlain, 1992-2100"

The AGU Chapman Conference focused on extreme climate events such as tropical storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, heat waves, droughts, and more that are expected to have significant consequences for aquatic ecosystems. Funding for the event came from both NSF EPSCoR and the USDA.

Research presented at the conference will be used in a number of synthesis papers that will be developed around extreme events and water quality. These papers will be featured in a special issue of the journal Biochemistry.

For more information about the AGU Chapman conference, please click here.