2018 BREE Summer Interns Bios

19 BREE summer interns work with faculty and graduate students working on the transdisciplinary BREE research program. Read more about this year's interns below!

Hi, everyone! My name is Nicole M. Dávila Torres and I’m from Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. I’ll be a sophomore in the fall of 2018 majoring in Chemistry at Universidad Metropolitana, Cupey Campus. This summer I will be working as an intern in the EPSCoR BREE Internship at University of Vermont. Alongside Scott Hamshaw and Doug Denu in the Integrated Assessment Models (IAM) program, we’ll be collecting and analyzing data from sensors near the Lake Champlain and from the other programs of the research. I feel so grateful of this opportunity. My goal is to learn all I can and share my knowledge with my country, Puerto Rico.

My name is Kelsey Coates and I’m from Odenton, Maryland. I’m a junior environmental science major at Duquesne University. This summer at UVM I’ll be on the Ecological Team working on the Watershed and Soil Biogeochemistry research project. I’m excited to get more experience with field work, lab work, and data analysis. In my spare time I like to hike, swim, and spend time with my family.

Hello! My name is Christopher Cuevas and I am a student at the University of Florida. There, I am pursuing dual degrees in Environmental Engineering and Political Science with a minor in Sustainability Studies. In the future, I hope to use this interdisciplinary background to bridge the gap in communication that currently exists between scientists and policymakers, particularly in addressing environmental issues. This summer, I am excited to be working with Dr. Richard Kujawa and Dr. Clare Ginger to analyze how effectively local and regional public policies in Vermont are helping to increase watershed and lake resilience to climate change. In my free time, I enjoy backpacking and traveling, and am looking forward to exploring New England’s beautiful mountains and forests!

Hey! My name is Nichole Ortiz Jiménez. I am a 3rd year undergraduate at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus majoring in Geography focus in Physical and Environmental Geography, and Technological Applications to Geography. I hope to specialize in a future in Vulcanology. This summer I’ll be working in the Climate Team on Hydroclimatology research with Dr. Arne Bomblies, Dr. Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Dr. Alan Betts and Caitlin Crossett. It’s going to be excited to gain experience working with GIS.

My name is Fredrick “Fritz” Sherenco and I am a rising junior at Norwich University here in Vermont. I am majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Climate Science. This summer I will be working on one of the Ecological teams that is focused on the collection and analyses of data taken from Lake Champlain itself in order to help make the lake more clean in places where algae blooms are a problem. Working to make the environment a better place is work that I am passionate. I am excited to be able to apply everything I have studied in class on real world applications and to be able to work with people that have similar interests and who are just as motivated as I am.

Hi! My name is Stephanie Herbert and I am a rising senior at Hunter College in New York City. I am a dual Mathematics and Environmental Science major. Once I finish my undergraduate degree, I hope to pursue either a Master’s or PhD in Environmental Engineering or Hydrology. This summer I will be studying Vermont’s watershed hydrology and water quality with Daniel Demers. I am really excited to work with my mentor and fellow interns as well as gain hands on experience in the field and in the computer lab.

Hi, my name is Amanda Jackson Mojica. I'm a student from Puerto Rico and am currently studying Chemistry with a certification in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus. This summer I will be working as an intern at University of Vermont alongside Kelsey with Erin Seybold as our mentor. I enjoy travelling a lot and meeting new people from different backgrounds.

Hello everyone! My name is Sam Christopher and I’m from Buffalo, New York. Currently I’m a senior at the University of Vermont where I’m pursuing a B.S. in Zoology with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Chemistry. This summer I am excited to join Chris Koliba and Patrick Bitterman on the Social Systems team to work on water governance networks throughout the Lake Champlain Basin.

Hello, my name is Alexandra Cole and I am a rising junior from Redondo Beach, California. I study at Northern Arizona University and major in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Global Sustainability. In the future I plan to attend law school so I can have a career practicing environmental law. This summer, I will be working under Patrick Bitterman and the Social Systems team to construct a model of governance processes in the Lake Champlain Basin to better understand how the various groups and institutions interact to create and manage policies that affect water quality.

Hi everyone! My name is Frances De Jesus and I’m junior at Universidad Metropolitana in Puerto Rico. My major is Cell & Molecular Biology and this summer I will be working with the Ecological Team on Watershed hydrology and water quality research with Daniel Demers, Dr. Arne Bomblie, Dr. Stephanie Hurley and Dr. Beverly Wemple. I decided to apply for this internship to develop some of my skills, like programming and data analyzing, and also acquire new knowledge.

Hello, my name is Pamela J. García Irizarry. I am from San Germán, PR and I study Chemical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Campus. This summer I will be working with the Ecological Team on Biogeochemistry/ Environmental Microbiology research. I am very grateful and excited to be spending the summer here at Vermont. I hope the experience I acquire during the internship help me throughout my entire career.

My name is Colin Myrick and I am a rising junior at Saint Michael’s College studying physics and computer science. I am working on a team that runs simulations in order to model human actors in the Lake Champlain basin. I am excited to begin modeling human activity and studying their effects on the local area. In my free time, I enjoy sports and being adventurous and active outdoors.

My name is Mikayla Haefele and I am originally from Northern California, but I attend Middlebury College where I am an environmental studies major. This summer I will be working with Dr. Elizabeth Doran on the BREE Social Systems team and will be helping to develop the forester agent in an agent-based model that is used to investigate how the actions of various agents will affect land cover and water quality in the future. I grew up in the woods and have a deep admiration for the mixed conifer forests of the Sierra Nevadas, and I am excited to have the opportunity to learn about a completely different type of forest ecosystem in Vermont this summer!

My name is Eric Romero, I am a rising Senior at the University of Vermont. I study Environmental Engineering with a minor in Geospatial Technologies, and this summer I will be conducting research with Vermont EPSCoR’s Ecological Team. My team’s research regards monitoring suspended river sediment integrated with machine learning applications. I will be working under the guidance of Dr. Donna Rizzo, Dr. Mandar Dewoolkar, Dr. Scott Hamshaw and Douglas Denu. I am excited to be joining a scientific community whose research will have a meaningful and positive impact on the state’s environment and general population.

My name is Lishka Pagan, and I am from San Lorenzo Puerto Rico. I’m currently a sophomore at Universidad del Turabo at Gurabo campus. My major is in Biology, but I am also interested in Ecology. I will be doing the summer research with EPSCOR at St. Michael’s College in the Water Quality Analysis with Declan McCabe and Janel Roberge.

My name is Dan Reid, and I will be a sophomore at the University of Vermont in the fall of 2018. I am majoring in mechanical engineering, and I will be working with Vermont EPSCoR this summer on the hydroclimatology team. I am excited to gain experience in the field by collecting data from the Lake Champlain watershed area. I am also looking forward to working with the amazing staff in the lab to analyze data.

Hello! My name is Sarah Eustis and I am going to be a sophomore at St. Michael’s College; I am majoring in Environmental Science. I am very excited to be working on the Ecological Team on Water Quality Analysis research with Declan McCabe and Janel Roberge. I look forward to learning more about collecting and analyzing water samples from the Lake Champlain Basin.

My name is Herreld Y. Rosado Loubriel and, Im from Barceloneta Puerto Rico. I study Biotechnology in the University Of Turabo in Barceloneta center. This summer I’m gonna be working as a intern on the University Of Vermont on the Ecological Team on Biogeochemistry/Environmental Microbiology research with Dr. Julia Perdrial, Dr. Andrew Schroth, Dr. Carol Adair and Brittany Lancellotti. We are gonna be working on a wetland environment and we’ll be collecting soil water and greenhouse gas samples from two field sites.

Hello, my name is Mariana C. Delpín Sosa and I’m from Bayamón, Puerto Rico, where I study in Universidad Metropolitana in the Cupey Campus. I’m currently earning a bachelor’s degree in biology. For the future, I’m interested in doing research in the biological/ecological sciences field. This summer, I will be working with the Ecological Team in Lake Champlain in St. Albans and Missisquoi Bay, with my mentors Wilton Burns, Andrew Schroth, Dr. Jason Stockwell and Saul Blocher. I’m really interested in gaining more knowledge and new experiences from this great research opportunity.