Vermont EPSCoR Travels to Grand Isle State Park

Vermont EPSCoR Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Caitlin Crossett joined CWDD Coordinator Veronica Sosa-Gonzalez and CWDD Education and Outreach Liaison Janel Roberge on September 27, 2018, for a trip to Grand Isle State Park, where they led approximately 40 students from Camel’s Hump Middle School through site and water quality assessments. The group also took macroinvertebrate samples from the lake and looked at them under microscopes in an effort to more deeply understand the concepts of bio indicators and human impact on water systems. This provided attending students with a deeper knowledge about their impact on Lake Champlain.

Camel's Hump Middle School students gather round a macroinvertebrate identification station.

A Camel's Hump Middle School student uses VT EPSCoR CWDD-provided equipment to sort macroinvertebrates.

VT EPSCoR GRA Caitlin Crossett answers some water quality-related questions from a Camel's Hump Middle School student.

Students from Camel's Hump Middle School complete a Site Assessment of Lake Champlain at Grand Isle State Park.