Declan McCabe, PhD Receives Graduate Accomplished Alumnus Award

BREE project member Declan McCabe, PhD received the Accomplished Graduate Alumnus of the Year Award from the University of Vermont (UVM) on May 17, 2019. He highlighted his BREE research during the Honors Day Award ceremony at UVM which led up to his acceptance of the award.

Dr. McCabe currently serves as a Professor of Biology and the Biology Department Chair at St. Michael's College. He completed his PhD in Ecology at UVM in 2000 and serves as a BREE researcher and a member of Vermont EPSCoR's CWDD team.

More information about the Biology Honors awarded in May 2019 can be found at

Declan McCabe, PhD
Declan McCabe, PhD at the UVM Honors Day ceremony

Judy Van Houten and Declan McCabe
Former VT State EPSCoR Director and University Distinguished Professor Emerita Judith Van Houten, PhD and Declan McCabe, PhD