Dr. Alan Betts Gives Hands-On Workshop to Shader Croft Students

Alan Betts, PhD presented a hands-on workshop about weather, climate, and climate change to seven students and three staff members from the Shader Croft School, a non-profit organization that provides specialized instruction to Vermont students, on July 9, 2019. The group met at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, VT, after which Dr. Betts led a discussion and journey up Lone Tree Hill. The walking trail from Lone Tree Hill offers visitors a 1/2-mile round trip from the site's Farm Barn, offering opportunities to explore the environment and plant life along the way. Dr. Betts led students in a discussion about measuring energy balance of living plants, the temperature of the sky on a sunny day, and more.

Dr. Betts' presentation was part of a summer program for students from the Champlain Valley School District. His group included students from both middle school and high school.

Dr. Alan Betts (back row, third from right) and students from the Shader Croft School

Dr. Alan Betts (fourth from right) leads a discussion with students

Dr. Alan Betts (middle) and students from the Shader Croft School

Students climb Lone Tree Hill in Shelburne, VT