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Interview: Asim Zia

RACC Post Doc Steve Scheinert interviews Dr. Asim Zia about his publication "Land Use Adaptation to Climate Change: Economic Damages from Land-Falling Hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf States of the USA, 1900–2005".

Global climate change, especially the phenomena of global warming, is expected to increase the intensity of land-falling hurricanes. Societal adaptation is needed to reduce vulnerability from increasingly intense hurricanes. Asim Zia discusses his study that quantifies the adaptation effects of potentially policy driven caps on housing densities and agricultural cover in coastal (and adjacent inland) areas vulnerable to hurricane damages in the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal regions of the U.S. 

Dr. Zia investigates the role of adaptive decision making in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies at multiple governance levels. In particular, his research is focused on Policy Analysis of Complex Systems, Collaborative Governance Mechanisms and Meta-Decision Analysis.

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