Watershed Moments - Newsletter Article



From the Director


Judith Van Houten, PhD. Dear Colleague, It is with great enthusiasm that we share the following funding opportunities and positions offered through Vermont EPSCoR in this Funding Updates issue of our e-newsletter. Please distribute broadly.
  • There are funding opportunities for the private sector, faculty, undergraduates and high school teachers and students. We also offer opportunities for Middle School Teachers who wish to incorporate STEM in the classroom.
  • In addition, we have posted announcements from the Department of Energy for Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs) and the VT Space Grant Consortium for Graduate Research Assistantships.
  • Finally, we are actively recruiting for one Ph.D. and one Post-Doctoral Associate for the Adaptation to Climate Change in the Lake Champlain Basin: New Understanding through Complex Systems Modeling (RACC) research. Please see the enclosed descriptions for more detail.
Best wishes for a happy holiday season! Judith Van Houten, Ph.D. University Distinguished Professor State Director, VT EPSCoR