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Leaves of Green Workshop

The Leaves of Green workshop is an opportunity for high school teachers and students to explore how carbon is assimilated and partitioned by plants and how these processes affect agriculture, global climate change, and biofuel production.

2014 Leaves of Green Workshop: Monday, July 28th - Thursday, July 31st Saint Michael’s College, Colchester, VT The predicted changes in atmospheric CO2 levels and climate are expected to pose many challenges for plants. How plants respond to these changing environmental stressors are of great interest given the importance of plant materials, biofuels and food production. The National Science Foundation has recently awarded a genome grant to a consortium from the University of Missouri, Purdue University, University of Florida and Saint Michael's College, to better our understanding of how CO2 captured in leaves through photosynthesis is distributed throughout the plant. As part of this grant, we are offering a workshop to teams of two high school students and one teacher. Workshop goals:
  1. To learn how photosynthesis and long distance transport systems are integrated in plants,
  2. To learn why photosynthesis and carbon partitioning are integral to biofuel production and agriculture,
  3. To help teams develop classroom modules using techniques and concepts covered in the workshop.
Participants will learn to measure:
  1. Photosynthesis in different species,
  2. Sugar transport and storage in plants, and
  3. The energy value of a plant and how it is affected by genes and environmental conditions.
Teams will be provided with room and board during the workshop. Teachers will receive a $1,000 stipend, and $1,000 to purchase equipment for their school. How do I apply to participate?
    Teams must complete the online application and submit all application materials to be considered. Separate application components need to be completed by each team member. After a teacher completes their application, emails will be sent to the requested students with instructions for completing their part of the application. Former participants of the Leaves of Green Workshop are encouraged to apply. Past participation does not ensure acceptance.
    • TEACHERS: Start your "Teacher Application" here! STUDENTS: Please wait until your teacher sends you a link to start your "Student Application"
    • All applications are due online: April 1, 2014.
    • Applicants will be notified of their acceptance in May.
View photos of past Leaves of Green Workshops! Please email questions to Mark Lubkowitz at mlubkowitz@smcvt.edu