Watershed Moments - Newsletter Article


2018 Summer Undergraduate Interns

The CWDD welcomed the 2018-2019 Basin Resilience to Extreme Events (BREE) undergraduate interns at St. Michael’s College on Tuesday May 29th, 2018 to begin their internship.

The first week was a four-day orientation packed with activities, including learning about the Lake Champlain watershed and its environmental issues, hiking Mt. Philo, a Ropes Course, using a stream table, and a UVM Library Resources session. During this week, they also had an introduction to the research done under BREE, and meeting our faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral associates. Throughout the summer the interns have worked on all aspects of scientific research: literature review, data collection, data analysis and presentations. The CWDD has offered biweekly workshops on data analysis and poster preparation, among others.
This cohort has 19 interns, 6 of them working with the Ecological Team, 4 working with the IAM, 3 with the Social, 2 with Climate and 4 with Stormwater. They are coming from institutions all over the country: University of Vermont, St. Michael’s College, Norwich University, Duquesne University, Northern Arizona University, University of Florida, Universidad Metropolitana, University of Puerto Rico (both Rio Piedras and Mayagüez), Middlebury College, Hunter College and Universidad del Turabo.