Watershed Moments - Newsletter Article


Dr. Christopher Koliba Invited Speaker at Vermont State House

Dr. Christopher Koliba, BREE Social Systems Leader, was an invited presenter at the Vermont State House as part of a "Leadership Briefing Session" organized by the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) on February 2, 2017.   Dr. Breck Bowden, Director of the Vermont Resources in Lake Students Center at the University of Vermont was also an invited speaker. The briefing session was intended to help inform legislators about the science, economics, and laws surrounding the Basin and was attended by Vermont elected and appointed officials, including state legislators, Governor Scott’s cabinet, Treasurer Beth Pearce, and more. Dr. Koliba’s presentation was entitled "Lake Champlain Basic as a Complex Adaptive System."

Presentations included an overview of the background and history of clean water issues in the Lake Champlain Basin and the legal and policy frameworks surrounding these issues.