Redesigning the American Neighborhood
Investigators: Alan McIntosh, Breck Bowden, John Todd, Alexey Voinov

Goal: Quantify the balances among environmental, economic, and social costs and benefits for storm water management at whole-watershed, neighborhood, and individual house scales in a typical New England landscape and climate.

Objectives: This project focuses on the following four objectives:

  1. Assessment: What are the opportunities for intervention in storm water management?
  2. Evaluation: What are the comparative cost/benefits of these interventions?
  3. Participation: How can we better involve community stakeholders to devise successful solutions?
  4. Implementation: Can we demonstrate that these approaches work?

From these efforts we expect to produce a generalized framework that will help communities identify specific strategies to manage stormwater to improve the built environment, promote economic development and community values.
(The text and image above are taken from the RAN project website)