Collorative Projects

14,000 Years of Storms Recorded in Lake Sediments
Investigators: Paul Bierman, Andrea Lini & Students

Alluvial Fan Sedimentation - East and West
Investigators: Paul Bierman & Students

Alternative methods for sea lamprey control
Investigators: Ellen Marsden & Donna Parrish

Alternative Technologies for Phosphorus Removal from Agricultural Effluents
Investigators: Aleksandra Drizo, Mike Vayda & Don Ross

Appropriate and Sustainable Water and Wastewater Approaches
Investigators: Nancy Hayden

Barrett Foundation Scholars
Investigators: Donna Rizzo

Bedrock Erosion as a Function of Climate
Investigators: Paul Bierman

Biogeochemical controls on sediment nutrient cycling and the dynamics affecting cyanobacterial ecology
Investigators: Greg Druschel, Donna Rizzo & Mary Watzin

Biotic-Abiotic Interaction Experiment
Investigators: Deane Wang, Don DeHayes & Jeff Hughes

Burlington Bay Project
Investigators: Mary Watzin

Constructed Wetland Research Center
Investigators: Aleksandra Drizo, Don Ross & Tom Lewis

Early life history and recruitment of lake trout
Investigators: Ellen Marsden

Effects of alpine development on water quality and quantity
Investigators: Beverley Wemple, Jamie Shanley, Don Ross & Andrea Lini

Effects of Nutrient Loading in North American Bogs and Fens
Investigators: Nick Gotelli, Cully Hession, Tom Lewis, Don Ross & Others

Episodic bedrock channel incision during the last glacial cycle measured with 10-Be
Investigators: Luke Reusser &Paul Bierman

Erosion of the Appalachian Mountains
Investigators: Paul Bierman, Beverley Wemple, Donna Rizzo

Greenspace Loss and Infiltration Rate Changes
Investigators: Paul Bierman, Beverley Wemple, Breck Bowden

Ice Sheet and Glacial History
Investigators: Paul Bierman

Impacts of zebra mussel colonization of soft substrates
Investigators: Ellen Marsden

Lake Champlain Basin Mercury Movement
Investigators: Jamie Shanley

Phosphorus removal from dairy effluents using constructed wetlands and active filters technology
Investigators: Aleksandra Drizo & Don Ross

Physical Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling Facility
Investigators: Nancy Hayden & George Pinder

Quantifying the role of Maddox and other frontal events in severe flooding in northeastern North America (with special reference to Québec and Vermont)
Investigators: Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux

Redesigning the American Neighborhood
Investigators: Alan McIntosh, Breck Bowden, John Todd & Alexey Voinov

Sediment Loading of an Arid Region River, the Rio Puerco
Investigators: Paul Bierman

Sediment Transport over Desert Piedmonts
Investigators: Paul Bierman & Students

Sleepers River Water Energy and Biogeochemical Budgets (WEBB)
Investigators: Jamie Shanely & Don Ross

Subsurface site characterization using multiple types of data
Investigators: Lance Besaw, Donna Rizzo

Teaching and Learning Earth Surface Processes
Investigators: Paul Bierman & Graduate Students

Tracing Sediment and Erosion with 10-Be
Investigators: Paul Bierman, Luke Reusser

Using Historic Imagery to Study Earth's Changing Surface
Investigators: Paul Bierman

UVM Watershed Alliance
Partner Organizations: UVM Extension, Lake Champlain Sea Grant & The Rubenstein School for the Environment and Natural Resources
Coordinator: Caitrin Noel

Watershed Planning and Adaptive Management in the Northern Forest
Investigators: Alexey Voinov, Robert Costanza, Joshua Farley, Roelof Boumans, Erica Gaddis, Clare Ginger, Breck Bowden, Mary Watzin

Will climate change affect hyporheic processes in arctic streams? An assessment of interactions among geomorphology, hydrology, and biogeochemistry in Arctic stream networks
Investigators: Breck Bowden