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Vermont EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) has supported
research in Vermont with funds from the National Science Foundation and local sources since 1986.
The impact of the EPSCoR program includes the private sector, in particular, small technology-based businesses. We are now turning our attention to stimulating innovation in research and
technology in Vermont through Innovation Fund (IF) Awards.
Truly innovative research is needed to stimulate the science and technology development in the
Nation and enhance our competitiveness in the global economy. In order to stimulate truly
innovative research in Vermont, we are calling for proposals for awards up to $12,000 to support
proof-of-concept work. We will not consider proposals for important, but low-risk research. Rather
we are searching for ideas that, if they work, would revolutionize a Science, Technology,
Engineering or Math (STEM) field.
The following features in this solicitation should be noted:
Program Overview:

The maximum amount of each grant is $12,000. The PI does not need to be a faculty member or
small business owner. Preliminary data are not required.
Awards are contingent upon funding of the Vermont EPSCoR grant by the National Science
Investigators may be requested to present a brief, in-person presentation to the evaluation committee
as part of the application process. Presentation instructions will be available on the web.

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