2012 RACC Climate Change Scenario Development Workshop Presentations and Videos

  • Deb Markowitz, Secretary, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
    Welcome     Video
  • Dr. Christopher Koliba, Associate Professor, Department Com Dev & Applied Economics (UVM)
    Introduction to the Climate Change Scenario Development Workshop:     Slides     Video
  • Dr. Asim Zia, Assistant Professor, Department Com Dev & Applied Economics (UVM)
    Adaptive Management of Critical Transitions in the Lake Champlain Basin:     Slides     Video
  • Dr. Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, VT State Climatologist, Geography Dept. (UVM)
    Climate Change and Variations:     Slides     Video
  • Dr. Brian Beckage, Associate Professor, Plant Biology (UVM)
    Downscaling of Climate Change Storylines:     Slides     Video
  • Dr. Alan Betts, Atmospheric Research
    Using Data, Models and Physics to Plan Knowns & Unknowns:     Slides     Video
  • Dr. Tom Vogelmann, Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (UVM)
    The Future of Agriculture in Vermont:     Slides     Video
  • Gina Campoli, Vermont Agency of Transportation
    Infrastructure:     Slides     Video
  • Dr. Jennifer Green, City of Burlington
    Economic:          Video
  • Kari Dolan, Agency of Natural Resources
    Environment:     Slides     Video