RACC Seminar 4/9/2015 - Using the CUAHSI Water Data Center to Support Interdisciplinary Water Research with Richard P. Hooper

  RACC Seminar Video

The CUAHSI Water Data Center (WDC) has developed a modern data publication and data discovery system for sharing time series data (like gage data or water quality sensor data) that works much the same way as a Google works. Users open a client (in much the same way as a web browser), searches a catalog (maintained by the WDC) for data, and downloads the data in a standardized format that the client understands (just like browser interprets HTML to layout text and pictures). The WDC has implemented all parts of the system in the Cloud environment to simplify access and use of this software. With this basic foundation established, the challenge now is that to make these services useful for academic research and education. Demonstrations of how these data services will be used in the National Flood Interoperability Experiment (to be held at the National Water Center in Tuscaloosa, AL this summer) will be presented, as will approaches for using these data services to advance research collaboration among teams of scientists and among universities. Feedback from the audience about additional tools and services will be solicited.