BREE Members Share Sediment Modeling Work with New York City Department of Environmental Protection

At the invitation of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), Scott Hamshaw, Donna Rizzo and Mandar Dewoolkar visited the office and field sites of NYC DEPs 10 year study on reducing sediment and turbidity in New York City’s water supply. The NYC DEP and Scott Hamshaw presented an overview of each other’s various projects and discussed potential collaborations that could arise given the overlapping research objectives of both groups. The NYC DEP also led a tour of study sites in the watersheds of the Ashokan reservoir.

Hamshaw and Rizzo with NYC DEP stream studies coordinator Dany Davis sharing research approaches related to geomorphic studies

Rizzo and Dewoolkar discuss challenges of addressing bank erosion with USGS staff Mike McHale and Jason Siemion

Stream Restoration and monitoring site along Warner Creek, New York

NYC DEP's Dany Davis highlighting recent erosion in Warner Creek with Rizzo and Dewoolkar

Rizzo and NYC DEP's Dany Davis discussing similarities between research objectives of Vermont and NY