VT EPSCoR BREE Seminar Series

Alan Betts presents his BREE seminar, "Climate Change and Vermont" on November 13, 2018. (Photo: Charlie Brooks)

by E. M. B. Doran, PhD Post Doctoral Associate, Vermont EPSCoR BREE

The interdisciplinary science undertaken by the BREE project team means bringing together experts and students from across a multitude of disciplines. For members of the BREE team working in the 23 Mansfield Ave shared office space, a weekly seminar series has served to bring this diverse group together. The group meets weekly during the semester to learn and network with colleagues across the project. During past years of the grant, Postdoctoral Fellows have led mini workshops related to a variety of professional development topics including presentation best practices and communication with general audiences. Topical presentations by BREE members about their work have also served to educate colleagues about the diverse workings of the BREE project and build camaraderie.

New this fall, invited speakers have included researchers from across campus whose work is related to the BREE mission of understanding and addressing resilience to extreme events within the Lake Champlain Basin. Additional planning to host speakers from relevant off campus forums are also in the planning stages. Such events will be open to the public and announced via appropriate channels.