Watershed Moments - Newsletter Article


VT EPSCoR Mentoring & Teaching of Diversity Workshop

April 30, 2016 at UVM's Davis Center

Vermont EPSCoR held a Mentoring & Teaching of Diversity workshop at the UVM Davis center on Saturday April 30th, 2016. The goals of the workshop were to enrich knowledge about diversity and cultural identities and their impacts. Strategies and approaches for developing a more just & inclusive environment were also reviewed. 
  • Sherwood Smith, Senior Executive Director, Diversity, Engagement & Professional Development
  • Joel Shapiro, Director, Professional Development & Training
  • Briana Martin, TRIO/SSS Coordinator and Access and Success Coordinator for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Presentations: Additional information about the VT EPSCoR Mentor & Teaching of Diversity program can be found at: http://epscor.w3.uvm.edu/2/node/3043