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Pinheiro V, Stockwell JD, Marsden E. Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) spawning site use in Lake Champlain. Journal of Great Lakes Research [Internet]. 2016 . Available from:
Betts AK. Libertarian Ideology Alleges that Climate Change Is a Hoax. Green Energy Times [Internet]. 2016 . Available from:
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Zia A, Tsai Y-S, Turnbull S, Koliba C. Multi-Scale Modeling of Land-Use Land Cover Change (LULCC) in Social Ecological Systems: An Agent Based Model of Missisquoi Watershed in the Lake Champlain Basin, 2000‐2100. In: 2016 Nairobi Conference on Earth System Governance. 2016 Nairobi Conference on Earth System Governance. Nairobi, Kenya: Earth System Governance; 2016. Available from:
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