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Submitted Publications and Products
Dahiya A. Algal growth system process utilizing intermediate products. Submitted Publications and Products .
Wlostowski AN, Gooseff MN, Wollheim W, Bowden WB. Breakthrough curve decomposition: A conceptual framework for analyzing solute transport processes in rivers, independent of 1D numerical transport models. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods. Submitted Publications and Products .
Hayden C, Purchase K, Dewoolkar MM. Comparison of site-specific and empirical correlations for drained residual shear strength. Geotechnique. Submitted Publications and Products .
Pennington D, Ricketts TH, Naidoo R. Ecosystem Services and Conservation Planning. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. Submitted Publications and Products .
Hamshaw SD, Bryce TG, Rizzo DM, O'Neil-Dunne J, Frolik J, Dewoolkar MM. Evaluation of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) photogrammetry for quantifying streambank movement and comparison to terrestrial laser scanner (TLS). River Research and Applications. Submitted Publications and Products .
Zia A, Koliba C. Lags and Inertia in the Proactive Management of Environmental Risks: How Scale and Ideology Affect Climate Change Risk Perceptions?. In: 2012 Annual Meeting of Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management. 2012 Annual Meeting of Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management. ; Submitted Publications and Products.
Borg JL, Bierman P, Dewoolkar MM. Meteoric 10Be adhered to suspended sediment: source and transport dynamics in a large New England watershed. Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface. Submitted Publications and Products .
Isles PDF, Nichols JE, Peteet DM. Reconstructing microtopography and plant community characteristics using n-alkane distributions and compound-specific ?13C signatures in ombrotrophic peat. Organic Geochemistry. Submitted Publications and Products .
Manley T, Perzan Z, Manley P, Wei E. Significant Vertical Shear in a Shallow Bay of Lake Champlain, Vermont. Journal of Limnology and Oceanography. Submitted Publications and Products .
Dahiya A. Symbiotic Algae System. Submitted Publications and Products .
Dahiya A. Symbiotic Algae System with Advanced Reactor. Submitted Publications and Products .
Scott D, Hood ER, Vermilyea A, Schroth AW. Time-series fluxes of meltwater-derived nutrients to the Gulf of Alaska. Geophysical Research Letters. Submitted Publications and Products .
Accepted Publications and Products
Zia A, Metcalf SS, Koliba C, Widner M. Agent Based Models of Cross-Jurisdictional Governance Networks: Simulating the Emergence of Project Prioritization Patterns Under Alternate Policy Theoretical Frameworks and Network Structures. Emergence: Complexity & Organization. Accepted Publications and Products .
Scheinert S, Zia A, Koliba C, Merrill S. Growing Collaborations: Forecasting Growth in Partnership Networks Using a Bottom-Up Approach. Journal on Policy and Complex Systems. Accepted Publications and Products .
Wemple B, Clark GE, Rizzo DM, Ross DS. Identifying the spatial pattern and importance of hydro-geomorphic drainage impairments on unpaved roads in the northeastern USA: Implications for pollutant production and mitigation. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. Accepted Publications and Products .
Stryker J, Bomblies A, Wemple B. Modeling sediment mobilization using a distributed hydrology model coupled with a bank stability model. Water Resources Research [Internet]. Accepted Publications and Products . Available from:
Hamshaw SD, Bryce TG, O'Neil-Dunne J, Rizzo DM, Frolik J, Engel T, Dewoolkar MM. Quantifying streambank erosion using unmanned aerial systems at the site-specific and river network scales. In: Geo-Congress 2017 (Geotechnical Frontiers). Geo-Congress 2017 (Geotechnical Frontiers). Orlando, FL; Accepted Publications and Products.
Koliba C, Scheinert S. The Shape of Watershed Governance: What Longitudinal Network Analysis Can Tell Us About the Relationship Between Network Structures and Functions. In: American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Atlanta, GA: American Society for Public Administration (ASPA); Accepted Publications and Products.
Koliba C, Zia A. Theory Testing Using Complex Systems Modeling in Public Administration and Policy Studies: Challenges and Opportunities for a Meta-Theoretical Research Program. Emergence: Complexity & Organization. Accepted Publications and Products .
Koliba C, Wiltshire S, Zia A, Scheinert S, Campbell E. The Value Proposition of a Partnership Network: Using Network Analysis to Assess the Importance of New Tie Development and Sub-network Functionality. Public Management Review. Accepted Publications and Products .
Voigt B, Villa F, Erickson JD. What Science of Ecosystem Services is needed to Address Environmental Securities. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Accepted Publications and Products .
Joung D, Leduc M, Ramcharitar B, Xu Y, Isles PDF, Stockwell JD, Druschel G, Manley T, Schroth AW. Winter weather and lake-watershed physical configuration drive phospnorus, iron and manganese dynamics in water and sediment of ice-covered lakes. Limnology and Oceanography. Accepted Publications and Products .
Awaiting Publication
Dupigny-Giroux L-A. Climate literacy. The International Encyclopaedia of Geography. Awaiting Publication .
Koliba C, Gerrtis L, Rhodes ML, Meek J, Torfing J, Ansell C. Complexity Theory, Networks and Systems Analysis. In: Governance Handbook. Governance Handbook. New York: Springer; Awaiting Publication.
Sleeper R, Bowden WB, Vaughan M, Schroth AW. Ecosystem Metabolism in Streams with Contrasting Land Use. In: Society of Freshwater Sciences Annual Meeting 2016. Society of Freshwater Sciences Annual Meeting 2016. Sacramento, CA; Awaiting Publication.