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Submitted Publications and Products
Adair EC, Parton WJ, King JY, Brandt L, Lin Y. Accounting for photodegradation dramatically improves prediction of carbon and nitrogen losses in arid systems. Ecosystems. Submitted Publications and Products .
Pennington D, Ricketts TH, Naidoo R. Ecosystem Services and Conservation Planning. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. Submitted Publications and Products .
Johnson MT, Clemins PJ. Hidden Markov Model Signal Classification. In: Research methods in bioacoustics. Research methods in bioacoustics. Oak Park, IL.: Bentham Science Publishers, ; Submitted Publications and Products.
Ross DS, Kaur AJ, Yatzor AR, Shanley JB. High-pH groundwater seeps in two Vermont headwater catchments are hotspots of nitrate turnover. Wetlands. Submitted Publications and Products .
Flinn MB, Bowden WB, Peterson BJ, Luecke C, Balser A, Alllen AR, Larouche JR. The influence of lithology on physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of headwater streams in the Feniak Lake region, Noatak National Preserve, Alaska. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. Submitted Publications and Products .
Zia A, Koliba C. Lags and Inertia in the Proactive Management of Environmental Risks: How Scale and Ideology Affect Climate Change Risk Perceptions?. In: 2012 Annual Meeting of Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management. 2012 Annual Meeting of Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management. ; Submitted Publications and Products.
Borg JL, Bierman PR, Dewoolkar MM. Meteoric 10Be adhered to suspended sediment: source and transport dynamics in a large New England watershed. Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface. Submitted Publications and Products .
Isles PDF, Nichols JE, Peteet DM. Reconstructing microtopography and plant community characteristics using n-alkane distributions and compound-specific ?13C signatures in ombrotrophic peat. Organic Geochemistry. Submitted Publications and Products .
Scott D, Hood ER, Vermilyea A, Schroth AW. Time-series fluxes of meltwater-derived nutrients to the Gulf of Alaska. Geophysical Research Letters. Submitted Publications and Products .
Awaiting Publication
Dupigny-Giroux L-A. Climate literacy. The International Encyclopaedia of Geography. Awaiting Publication .
Tsai Y-S, Mohammed I, Turnbull S, Zia A, Bomblies A. Impacts of zoning policies on flood and water quality: An integrated assessment modelling application. In: 2015 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress. 2015 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress. Austin, TX; Awaiting Publication.
Koliba C, Koopenjan J. Managing Networks as Complex Adaptive Systems. In: Public Management and governance. 3rdrd ed. Public Management and governance. New York: Routledge Press; Awaiting Publication.
Under Review
Zia A, Koliba C. Agent Based Modeling of Intergovernmental Policy Implementation Networks: Harnessing Experimental Simulations for Policy Informatics. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Under Review .
Gearhart TA, Ritchie K, Nathan E, Stockwell JD, Kraft J. Alteration of essential fatty acids in secondary consumers across a gradient of cyanobacteria. Hydrobiologia. Under Review .
Wlostowski AN, Gooseff MN, Wollheim W, Bowden WB. Breakthrough curve decomposition: A conceptual framework for analyzing solute transport processes in rivers, independent of 1D numerical transport models. Journal of Hydrology. Under Review .
Reynolds A, Koliba C, Zia A, Scheinert S. Bridging the Planning-Implementation Gap in Network Research: The Task Structure Network as a Tool for Understanding the Collaborative Structures Implicit in Policy Strategies. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory. Under Review .
Isles PDF, Xu Y, Schroth AW, Giles CD. Buoyancy regulation and wind mixing destabilize lake metabolism: a novel application of high-frequency data. Freshwater Biology. Under Review .
Isles PDF, Xu Y, Stockwell JD, Schroth AW. Climate-driven changes in energy and mass inputs systematically alter nutrient concentration and stoichiometry in deep and shallow segments of Lake Champlain. Limnology and Oceanography. Under Review .
Watson KB, Ricketts TH, Galford G, Polasky S, O'Neil-Dunne J. Economic Valuation of Flood Mitigation Services: The Value of Otter Creek Wetlands and Floodplains to Middlebury, VT. Ecological Economics. . Under Review .
Edwards MB, Dewoolkar MM, Huston DR. Geotechnical properties of Fillite – a simulant for planetary high-slip/high-sinkage rover mobility studies. Journal of Aerospace Engineering. Under Review .
Winter JM, Beckage B, Bucini G, Horton RM, Clemins PJ. High-Resolution Climate Change Projections for Impacts Assessment: Development and Evaluation Over the Lake Champlain Basin in Vermont. Journal of Hydrometeorology. Under Review .