Call for Proposals-Pilot Program for VASE Small Equipment Grants to K-12 Teachers

The Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering (VASE) is pleased to announce a program for small equipment grants to K-12 teachers. This program is part of the VASE STEM outreach activity. Additional information about VASE can be found at Specific details about the program are given below.
  1. It is of increasing concern in Vermont that there are an insufficient number of students who are interested in careers in Science and Engineering. As part of the VASE school outreach effort, we are proposing to increase student interest by providing the opportunities for direct hands on experience so students have a chance to experience the excitement of science and engineering in a direct experiential manner. These types of activities inevitably require some associated hardware which is outside the normal budgets available for classroom instruction so we are providing a pathway for teachers and student teams to design projects which go beyond the standard laboratory experience. Consequently, a premium will be placed on innovative, exciting projects which are outside of the established curriculum. We plan to make four to six awards in the $ 500-1000 range each.
  2. The proposal should cover the following points.
    1. The specific item(s) in question.
    2. The outline of an independent, student centered project which will be enabled by the equipment in question. We are particularly interested in projects which have student input in the design.
    3. Firms quote for price (or catalog price).
    4. Rational for the choice of items in point 1.
    5. Specific activities utilizing the item in question. Also, include plan for continued use of the equipment in subsequent years.
    6. Evaluation plan for the activity.
  3. Time frame. Proposals are to be submitted electronically or in hard copy to the address given below by July 1, 2013. Awards will be announced by August 1, 2013 with the expectation that the projects will be initiated in the fall. Teacher and student teams will present a poster on the project at the spring 2013 VASE meeting
Do you need more than a small equipment grant? The VASE membership extends to a variety of Vermont private and academic sectors and thus we may be able to broker connections which will serve your needs. If this is the case, contact us (at the address below) to start a discussion of the program you envision. Christopher W. Allen Research Active Emeritus Professor of Chemistry President, Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering Senior Scientific Adviser, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies Department of Chemistry, Cook Building 82 University Place University of Vermont Burlington, Vermont 05405-0125 Phone (802) 656-0193, (802) 656-9866 Fax (802) 656-8705 Email