2012-2013 Undergraduate Interns

2012 RACC Undergraduate Intern Bios

RACC Intern Get-together: June 10th at Saint Michael's College

Water Quality Team: Installing sensors and ISCO samplers in Vermont streams!

Soils Team: Processing soil samples at UVM!

Post-Irene Stream Invertebrates Team: Collecting macroinvertebrates!

Climatology Team: SWAC (Satellites, Weather and Climate) program for climate literacy!

Sediment and Nutrient Movement Team: Processing soil samples at UVM!

Lake Ecology Team: Processing samples at the Rubenstein Lab!

Watershed Hydrology Team: measuring stream flow and working with GIS!

Macroinvertebrate Team: Collecting and picking macroinvertebrates!

RACC summer intern sendoff barbeque!