2014 Vermont EPSCoR Annual State Meeting

VT EPSCoR Research on Adaptation to Climate Change (RACC) held their annual state meeting on August 5th 2014 at the Hilton Burlington Hotel in Burlington Vermont..
Visitors from the National Science Foundation, Congressional Offices, State and Local Agencies, Researchers, Private Sector, Graduate and Undergraduate Students were present to share progress and provide updates on the third year of the Adaptation to Climate Change in the Lake Champlain Basin: New Understanding through Complex Systems (RACC) project.
8:00 – 8:15 Opening Remarks – University of Vermont Leadership
Judith Van Houten, PhD, Vermont State EPSCoR Director
David Rosowsky, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, Provost, University of Vermont
Richard Galbraith, M.D., Vice President for Research, University of Vermont

8:15 – 8:30 NSF EPSCoR Overview and Funding Opportunities
Denise Barnes, Ph.D., Section Head, NSF EPSCoR
Timothy VanReken, Ph.D., Program Director, NSF EPSCoR
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8:30 - 9:00 VT EPSCoR Native American/First Generation Scholarship Presentation
Patricia Moulton, Secretary, Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development
Lindsay Wieland, Director Vermont EPSCoR Center for Workforce Development and Diversity at Saint Michael’s College

9:00 – 9:15 VT EPSCoR Overview: RACC; NEWRnet; C2 Award (Improving Connectivity between the University of Vermont and the Vermont State Colleges for STEM Research and Education) and context of Center for Workforce Development & Diversity (CWDD)
Judith Van Houten, Ph.D., Vermont State EPSCoR Director
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9:15 – 9:55 Question 1, Lake Processes, Progress and Next Steps
Dr. Andrew Schroth, Research Assistant Professor of Geology (UVM)
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9:55 – 10:35 Question 2, Watershed Processes, Progress and Next Steps
Dr. Arne Bomblies, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering (UVM)
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10:45 – 11:25 Downscaling: Climate Change Projections for the Lake Champlain Basin
Dr. Jonathan Winter Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College; Adjunct Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University
Dr. Brian Beckage, Professor, Plant Biology, (UVM)
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11:25 - 12:05 Question 3, Policy and Governance, Progress and Next Steps
Dr. Christopher Koliba, Professor, Community Development & Applied Economics (UVM)
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12:35 - 1:15 Keynote Address: Challenges and Lessons Learned in Implementing Climate and Geospatial Understanding in the K-16 Curriculum and Among Diverse Students
Dr. Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Professor, Dept. of Geography (UVM) and VT State Climatologist
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1:30 - 2:10 Integrated Assessment Model (IAM)
Dr. Asim Zia, Associate Professor, Community Development & Applied Economics (UVM)
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2:10 – 2:50 VT EPSCoR Center for Workforce Development (CWDD) & Diversity at Saint Michael’s College – progress in Year 3 and projections for next year
Lindsay Wieland, Director CWDD,
Dr. Declan McCabe, Associate Professor of Biology, Saint Michael’s College
Veronica Sosa – Gonzalaz, PhD candidate, Rubenstein (UVM); CWDD, Streams Intern Alumna
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2:50 – 3:30 Private Sector SBIR Phase (0)
Dr. Patrick Clemins, Cyber Specialist, VT EPSCoR (UVM) Moderator
Kerry Swift, Technology Licensing Officer Office of Technology Innovations (UVM)   Slides
Dr. Robert Andosca, Co-founder, President and CEO MicroGen Systems, Inc. and prior VT EPSCoR SBIR Phase (0) Awardee