Presentations - 2015 Vermont EPSCoR Student Research Symposium

  • Dalton Gomez - Johnson State College
    The Optimal Spatial Scale in Watersheds for Predicting Nutrient Concentrations
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  • Jaclyn Guz - Texas A&M University
    Investigation of TSS Concentration at a Variety of Flow Rates

  • Hanna Anderson - University of Vermont
    Quantifying Sediment and Phosphorous Loading from Streambank Erosion using Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Support Sediment and Nutrient Budgets
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  • James Hamilton, and Sam Ligon, & Ann Marie Mahar - Rutland High School
    How Does Vermont`s Climate Cater to Solar Energy?
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  • Luke Perry - Castleton State College
    Denitrification Processes in Bioretention Cells
    PDF     Video

  • Mark Edmunds, Andrew Chila, Rocky Ye, & Scott Worland - Long Trail School
    Aquaponics: System Design and Management
    PDF     Video

  • Hannah Kittler - Saint Michael's College
    The Effect of Dreissena polymorpha on Native Mussel Species in the Missisquoi Bay
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  • Zachary Perzan - - Middlebury College
    Long-term Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics of Missisquoi Bay, Lake Champlain
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  • Grecia Izquierdo-Torres, José Izquierdo-Torres, & Glenda Almodovar-Morales - Aurea E. Quiles High School
    Abundance of Macroinvertebrates in Soil Exposed to Fire in Guánica’s Dry Forest
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  • Baxter Miatke - University of Vermont
    Quantifying Nutrient and Sediment Loads during Spring Runoff in the Missisquoi River Basin
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