The Life of a Scientist

Vermont EPSCoR post-doctoral associates, Drs. Scott Hamshaw and Dustin Kincaid, Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Daniel Demers, CWDD members Veronica Sosa-Gonzalez and Janel Roberge visited Courtney Asaro’s first grade STEAM class at Flynn Elementary School for three days in September 2018. The topic was “Life of a Scientist”. All Vermont EPSCoR members briefly talked to the students about what they did as scientists. The groups of roughly 20 students made observations about water samples and macroinvertebrate samples, using magnifying glasses for the first time in many cases, before playing an interactive game that involved students relating their own interests to activities that real scientists do.

Scott Hamshaw and Janel Roberge ask students to make observations about water samples.

Dustin Kincaid assists students making observations about water bugs.

Two young scientists make observations about insects collected from streams near their school.