Life of a Scientist with Flynn Elementary School

Vermont EPSCoR Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) and Post-doctoral Associates (Post-Doc) gave first graders at J.J. Flynn Elementary School insight into the life of a scientist in October. GRA Caitlin Crossett, Post-Doc Ravindra Dwivedi, PhD, and Post-Doc Dustin Kincaid, PhD joined CWDD Coordinator Veronica Sosa-Gonzalez, PhD and CWDD Education and Outreach Liaison Janel Roberge on October 8th, 16th, and 21st to meet with three different first grade classes.

After sharing their research, the Vermont EPSCoR scientists asked the first graders to become scientists themselves. They did so by making observations about water and macroinvertebrate samples. The students then played a game in which they attempted to align their interests with the work that the scientists perform.

VT EPSCoR Post-Doc Ravindra Dwivedi, PhD helps students make observations about bug samples

VT EPSCoR GRA Caitlin Crossett describes her work chasing storms in the Midwest

VT EPSCoR CWDD's Janel Roberge encourages students to make observations about water samples

VT EPSCoR Post-Doc Dustin Kincaid, PhD reminds students how to use the CWDD-provided magnifying glasses