Camel’s Hump Middle School Students Talk about the Health of Lake Champlain!

On October 15, 2019, CWDD's Education and Outreach Liaison, Janel Roberge, traveled to Richmond, VT to lead Camels Hump Middle School students through a Stated Choice Activity. Roughly forty, 5th grade students had to make choices that impact the health of Lake Champlain based on their preference concerning factors such as Land Use Management and Fish Consumption Advisories. The 45-minute session ended with students sharing out their thoughts on lake governance and management. Teacher, Kerry Young, is planning to invite the CWDD back again in the spring when students are doing their ecology unit for follow-up!

Janel Roberge explains the stated choice activity

Students discuss the importance of responsible lake health management

Camel's Hump Middle School teacher Kerry Young assists her students in completing the stated choice activity

Two very engaged students compare the results of their stated choice activity selections