Macroinvertebrate Investigation at Lyman C. Hunt Middle School

On October 14, 2019 CWDD's LeeAnn Trusela and Janel Roberge traveled to Lyman C. Hunt Middle School to aid students in completing a Macroinvertebrate Investigation. Groups of 6th graders were given a mock-up teaching sample and were responsible for finding the macroinvertebrates (and in one case, a very tiny salamander) within! The visit emphasized to students how “real” scientists can do just what the students had done to discover more about the health of local streams. About 40 students made their way through the dual-session day.

Students make sure their macroinvertebrate samples stay hydrated as they search for more

Students use CWDD-provided microscopes to gain a better understanding of the samples they found

Janel Roberge asks students to report out on what they found during their investigation

LeeAnn Trusela discusses macroinvertebrate investigation findings with students