Senator Sanders and Education Secretary Vileseca Visit Governor's Institutes of Vermont Math and Engineering Institutes at UVM

Governor's Institutes of Vermont held their Mathematical Sciences Institute at UVM on June 16-21, 2013. Attendees were able to:

  • Learn about real-world applications of math
  • Interact with professional mathematicians from the academic and business worlds
  • Learn about the academic and career pathways open to people who enjoy mathematics

Bernie Sanders visited the Math Institute on June 21. He spoke with the students, faculty, and staff for about an hour, and asked them questions about their views on STEM education.

The Engineering Institute was held at UVM on June 22-29, 2013.
Approximately 100 high school students from Vermont, the US, and around the world explored engineering solutions to societal problems. Attendees worked with peers and professional experts to design and build solutions that work. Focus area choices included:

  • Renewable/Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Robotics Systems
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Engineering Design Challenge

Armando Vileseca visited the Engineering Institute June 25. He spoke with students about education, and visited the group of students focusing on an Engineering Design Challenge. This year, the students were designing artificial limbs. Secretary Vileseca was very impressed with the students' designs. In the background is Tom Tailer, the lead faculty of the Engineering Institute.