Watershed Moments

Watershed Moments Short Videos.

Part of our communicating science work with RACC and NSF EPSCoR involves the creation of short videos highlighting work performed by our research team and many stakeholders. This set of Watershed Moments Short Videos aims to provide vignettes of the progress of our work, outreach, workforce development efforts through the VT EPSCoR Center for Workforce Development and Diversity (CWDD) and the many dimensions of relevance it has in the region. These videos highlight the connections we have with many area stakeholders and to broader questions of relevance and the use-based science underway.

Watershed Moments Scholarly Conversations: Watershed Moments Videos:

Watershed Moments builds from a NSF mandated workshop strategy on communicating science. VT EPSCoR launched this pilot communications project as an outcome from the workshop hosted in VT and aimed at integrating training opportunities for our scientists to share their work with each other, to other disciplines and for a broader audience outside of conventional settings such as meetings, labs or other professional gatherings. Producer, Victor Guadagno, from Bright Blue EcoMedia, works with participants to help train them in media production techniques with the final project being a short, taped interview highlighting recently published or recognized work in their field.


Mr. Guadagno explains: "The goal of this program is to educate and inspire VT EPSCoR scientists to better present their work to the media and the general public. Bright Blue helped Vermont EPSCoR implement an innovative strategy to train and expose VT EPSCoR scientists to media production techniques. Bright Blue trained Faculty and Graduate students in interviewing techniques and handled all technical aspects of the production of short videos highlighting UVM faculty recently published or recognized for critical work in their field. The resulting video series exposed students and faculty to media strategies and resulted in quality video for online distribution. The end result has been twofold: a more media savvy scientific community and the creation of a valuable series of short videos. "

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- Released May 5, 2014

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- Released April 18th, 2014