Dr. Peter Isles and Graduate Research Assistant, Linyuan Shang - VT EPSCoR Watershed Moments Scholarly Conversations Video

Presented here is the second of three 2016 Watershed Moments Scholarly Conversations Videos.
"Watershed Moments", features brief, informal discussions between faculty, graduate students and post doctoral associates, sharing and learning about a recent accomplishment in the member's field of expertise with a colleague or student from outside their field of expertise.
This video features a discussion on:
"Dynamic internal drivers of a historically severe cyanobacteria bloom in Lake Champlain revealed through comprehensive monitoring" with Peter Isles, PhD candidate (now graduated class of 2016), VT EPSCoR and Linyuan Shang, Graduate Research Assistant, VT EPSCoR.
Watershed Moments are produced in partnership with Bright Blue EcoMedia as part of VT EPSCoR's continuing efforts to build science communications training and dissemination of research efforts broadly.
The video project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), VT EPSCoR Adaptation to Climate Change in the Lake Champlain Basin (RACC) award.