Watershed Moments - Newsletter Article


BREE Policy and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) Inaugural Meeting

The Inaugural Policy and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) meeting was held on May 25th, 2017.  The meeting provided an opportunity for lots of conversation across a broad range of perspectives.  Participants heard how past work has provided the foundation of VT EPSCoR BREE's future work. The morning was designed to provide a discussion around where we have been and where we are planning to go with the BREE project over the next four years. 

The following were discussed:
  • Concerns are about extreme events and water quality
  • Critical decision points
  • Major decision criteria
  • Individual and collective goals
Forty-four stakeholders from around the state and region attended the very interactive session from
  • VT Agency of Agriculture
  • Quebec (MDDELCC)
  • International Joint Commission of Canada and the US
  • Lake Champlain Basin Program
  • Mad River Valley Planning District
  • Northwest Regional Planning Commission
  • Norwich University
  • University of Vermont
  • US EPA Region 1
  • US Geological Survey
  • UVM Extension
  • Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets
  • Vermont DEC
  • Vermont EPSCoR
  • Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
  • Vermont Agency of Transportation
  • VTrans
The meetings will be held on an annual basis.
Christopher Koliba, Workshop introduction.
Video    PDF
Andrew Schroth, Lake system/water quailty modeling results.
Video    PDF
Asim Zia, RACC/BREE IAM results and publication plan.
Video    PDF
Brian Beckage, Extreme events/dynamic regional climate models.
Video    PDF
Arne Bomblies, Extreme events/dynamic regional climate models.
Video    PDF
Asim Zia, BREE IAM Development Plan and PTAC role.
Video    PDF
Donna Rizzo, Framing decision problems: Optimization examples.
Video    PDF
Jory Hecht, Multi-objective optimization model of Lake Champlain.
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