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Anderson I, Rizzo DM, Huston DR, Dewoolkar MM. Analysis of bridge and stream conditions of over 300 Vermont bridges damaged in Tropical Storm Irene. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering [Internet]. 2017 :1-14. Available from:
Underwood KL, Rizzo DM, Schroth AW, Dewoolkar MM. Evaluating Spatial Variability in Sediment and Phosphorus Concentration-Discharge Relationships Using Bayesian Inference and Self-Organizing Maps. Water Resources Research [Internet]. 2017 ;53. Available from:
Hamshaw SD, Bryce TG, O'Neil-Dunne J, Rizzo DM, Frolik J, Engel T, Dewoolkar MM. Quantifying streambank erosion using unmanned aerial systems at the site-specific and river network scales. In: Geo-Congress 2017 (Geotechnical Frontiers). Geo-Congress 2017 (Geotechnical Frontiers). Orlando, FL; 2017.
Anderson I, Rizzo DM, Huston DR, Dewoolkar MM. Stream power application for bridge damage probability mapping based on empirical evidence from Tropical Storm Irene. ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering [Internet]. 2017 . Available from:
Brand MW, Dewoolkar MM, Rizzo DM. Use of sacrificial embankments to minimize bridge damage from scour during extreme flow events. Natural Hazards [Internet]. 2017 ;501253004874212793457735139141711(546647318834):1-19. Available from:
Edwards MB, Dewoolkar MM, Huston DR, Creager C. Bevameter testing on simulant Fillite for planetary rover mobility applications. Journal of Terramechanics [Internet]. 2016 ;70(April 2017):13 - 26. Available from:
Akimana RM, Seo Y, Li L, Howard L, Dewoolkar MM, Hu LB. Exploring X-ray computed tomography characterization and reactive transport modelling of microbially induced calcite precipitation in sandy soils. In: Fourth Geo-China International Conference (2016). Fourth Geo-China International Conference (2016). Shandong, China; 2016.
Edwards MB, Dewoolkar MM, Huston DR. Geotechnical Properties of Fillite -- Simulant for Planetary Rover Mobility Studies. Journal of Aerospace Engineering [Internet]. 2016 . Available from:
Howard L, Anderson I, Underwood KL, Dewoolkar MM, Deschaine LM, Rizzo DM. Heuristic assessment of bridge scour sensitivity using differential evolution: case study for linking floodplain encroachment and bridge scour. Environmental Systems Research [Internet]. 2016 ;5(20). Available from:
Underwood KL, Alves C, Ross DS, Dewoolkar MM, Rizzo DM. Influence of geomorphic setting on distribution of nutrient stocks in lake Champlain basin floodplains. In: Northeastern GSA. Northeastern GSA. Albany, NY: Geological Society of America; 2016. Available from:
Akimana RM, Bista H, Seo Y, Li L, Howard L, Dewoolkar MM, Hu LB. Multi-Scale Experimental and Numerical Study of Microbially-Induced Calcite Precipitation in Sandy Soils: Preliminary Evidence and Observations. In: Fourth Geo-China International Conference (2016). Fourth Geo-China International Conference (2016). Shandong, China; 2016. Available from:
Dewoolkar MM, Hargy J, Anderson I, de Alba P, Olson SM. Residual and Postliquefaction Strength of a Liquefiable Sand. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering [Internet]. 2016 :04015068. Available from:
Grover DK, Savidge C, Townsend L, Rosario O, Hu LB, Rizzo DM, Dewoolkar MM. Surface permeability of natural and engineered porous building materials. Construction and Building Materials [Internet]. 2016 ;112:1088-1100. Available from:
Lens JE, Dewoolkar MM. Are there gender differences in the value that civil and environmental engineering students place on service provided through service-learning projects?. In: GeoCongress 2015. GeoCongress 2015. San Antonio, TX; 2015.
Anderson I, Dewoolkar MM. Laboratory Freezing-and-Thawing Durability of Fly Ash Pervious Concrete in a Simulated Field Environment. ACI Materials Journal [Internet]. 2015 ;112(5):603-612. Available from:
Hamshaw SD, Dewoolkar MM, Rizzo DM, O'Neil-Dunne J, Frolik J, Underwood KL, Bryce TG, Waldron AY. Quantifying streambank erosion: a comparative study using an unmanned aerial system (UAS) and a terrestrial laser scanner. 2015 AGU Fall Meeting [Internet]. 2015 . Available from:
Hamshaw SD, Underwood KL, Rizzo DM, Dewoolkar MM. Sediment Loading and Sources in the Mad River: Implications for sediment-bound nutrient management. IAGLR 2015 [Internet]. 2015 . Available from:
Lens JE, Dewoolkar MM, Hernandez EM. Seismic vulnerability of typical existing steel girder bridges in the northeast United States (NEUS). 2015 EERI Annual Meeting [Internet]. 2015 . Available from: